America Ferrera Weight Loss: Her Top 3 Tips to Lose Weight

Who is America Ferrera?

Actress and Hollywood Star America Ferrera is known for her roles that featured women with loveable characters and relatable flaws. She was the one who played Ugly Betty, and her breakout movie was “Real Women Have Curves.” Like most stars, her weight went for a roller coaster ride and fluctuated over the years. She has gained a lot of weight, but over the last few years, she is noticeably slimmer. 

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The former Ugly Betty star is now almost unrecognizable with her weight loss transformation. America was up in her sleeves, working on her mission to get in the best shape and shed off all the weight she put on during her “lazy years.” But how did she do it? Did she secretly undergo weight loss surgery?  

What Caused Her Weight Gain in the First Place?

Stardom has advantages and disadvantages. It has caused America Ferrera a lot of emotional distress, which then caused her unhealthy eating habits and made her too lazy to exercise. Many people can relate to this experience. For the first few years, it was still okay. But as she starts getting older and with a slower metabolism, she found herself at 30 pounds overweight. She began to hate her own body, but fortunately, one of her co-stars motivated her to make a positive change in her health and fitness routine. 

Right now, America is committed to healthy eating habits and in having a clean and active lifestyle. She is even thinking of joining a triathlon one of these days. 

How Did America Ferrera Lose Her Weight?

At age 34, this Latina star is already a multi-awarded actress. She is named People of the Year in 2007 by Time Magazine and even won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her starring role as Ugly Betty. She was never known as “fat,” as she is blessed with womanly curves. And despite the pressure to be slim, America remained as a celebrity that needed to change or restrict herself with unhealthy diets. However, she had some noticeable weight loss since her movie in 2002. 

Talk about her incredible weight loss transformation included the possibility of her getting a surgery. But for the Ugly Betty star, her weight loss journey is filled with simple changes in the way she lived. America admitted to spending a lot of wasted time on dieting, but only a healthy and active lifestyle helped her achieve her goals, visit

She turned to high-intensity workouts, trained and joined triathlons instead of obsessing about her weight. She turned to a few diet secrets to help fuel her workouts and have more energy. She swore on never skipping breakfast and on choosing lean proteins for muscle building. She advised planning meals for a week, so she never has snap decisions on what to eat. She also warned against sugary and junk foods. But she still indulges in some treats like ice cream occasionally. 

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Burniva – The Most Effective Fat Burner

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Some of the Tips America shared for successfully losing more than 30 pounds of weight are

Don’t Skip Breakfast

According to America, she makes sure that there is a balance of lean protein, veggies, and fresh fruits on her meals, especially breakfast. She is not a fan of hype diets like low-carb diets. She felt miserable and had headaches when she tried it.  For her, it is best to listen to your body and realize that losing weight is not a deficit of one particular food. Breakfast is essential in having optimal health and energy, so never miss it.  

Eat protein than drink water

America’s trainer advised her to consume protein first before having any carbohydrates. If she has chicken, rice, and veggies, she eats the chicken first then drink a big glass of water. It makes her feel fuller and help keep the total calories for the day. 

Opt for Natural Metabolism Booster in the Morning and Early Afternoon

One of the best things about America is that she preferred all-natural solutions for sustainable weight loss. Her metabolism boosters in the morning and early afternoon are green tea, raspberry ketones, and all-natural metabolism-boosting pills. She also cautioned women to avoid falling prey to the supplement industry and avoid the “quick-fix” solutions at all cost. 

America Ferrera’s fantastic weight loss transformation happened over several months. She advises women who want to achieve what she did to let the body respond naturally to a clean and healthier diet. Don’t rush the process as it will only lead you to gain your weight back and mess up your metabolism. For America, weight loss is indeed a journey and is not a one-stop destination. She is now happier and healthier with what she has achieved with her body. Hopefully, America will continue with her active and healthy lifestyle, even after having her first baby.


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Burniva – The Most Effective Fat Burner

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Recommended Intake

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