Calories: What is it and Why We Need to Burn them for Weight Loss

Knowing what calories is all about and counting them has become an essential tool for weight watchers and dieters. Calories from the food we eat give us energy for our body to function. The human body is designed to store and “burn” calories to fuel bodily functions, daily movements, and exercise. Likewise, calories are closely monitored by dieters who are trying to lose weight by reducing their caloric intake.

One of the ways to find out the number of calories you eat and need every day is by using a calorie calculator. This tool can help people lose, maintain, or gain weight. For those who are trying to slim down, determining your caloric needs is essential in your weight loss journey.


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How Does a Calorie Calculators Work?

You can find different types of calorie calculators. Some are specifically designed for weight loss, while others are made for weight maintenance. If your main goal is to slim down, using a weight loss calculator will be advantageous for you. You can search for this type of calculator online from health and nutrition sites. There are also mobile applications which are fun and straightforward to use. In most cases, you can also figure out your calorie numbers by consulting with a nutritionist or your doctor.

You will be required to provide some measurements, numbers, and data. Using the St. Jeor equation, you can come up with your resting metabolic rate or your basal metabolic rate. It refers to the number of calories you burn for your body’s essential functions like breathing, heart beating, and functioning of the organs. In addition to this, you will also come up with the number of calories that you need for your daily activities based on your lifestyle information. After coming up with this data, your nutritionist will advise how much calories you need to gain weight or to reduce for you to lose weight.

In case you want to stay in the same weight calorie calculators can also determine the number of calories that you should eat to maintain your weight. For healthy adults, it means that you need to consume a 2000-calorie diet. On the other hand, it will still depend upon the person’s built and caloric needs.

Are Calorie Calculators Accurate?

They are not 100 per cent accurate. Most calorie calculators are based on a different formula to determine the number of calories that a person needs to stay alive. It requires data like food consumption and daily activity levels, which are mostly estimates. It is quite challenging to know how many calories are burned during physical activity, and it can vary daily. On the other hand, calorie calculators are an excellent way to start for dieters who wish to start trimming down.

How Many Calories Do You Need?

A person’s caloric needs mostly depend on different factors like age, gender, built, and activity levels. In most cases, teens and adults need about 1,500 to 2,500 calories for effective daily functioning. The bigger your built is, the more calories you will need to handle your weight. In case you want to gain weight, you have to consume more calories. On the other hand, you have to cut down your calorie intake for you to lose weight.


Burniva weight loss supplement

Burniva - The Most Effective Fat Burner

Burniva contains high quality Green Tea extract, Citrus Aurantium and Caffeine Anhydrous which will help you achieve the best result for your weight loss targets.

Calories and Weight Loss

Fats are the body’s “stored” energy from calories. One pound of fat is estimated to be 3,500 calories. Thus, a person aiming to lose weight, need to burn extra 3,500 calories to lose one pound of fat. More so, reducing your usual daily calorie intake will also help in losing one pound each week. As your weight starts to go down, your daily calorie intake must also decrease.

What is the Best Method of Tracking Calories?

Tracking your calorie intake and the calories you burn each day can be an easy and straightforward activity. You may use a paper or notebook for your food diary and refer to the foods’ calorie count estimate for your calculations. If you are tech-savvy, you can try using various calorie tracking websites online. More so, there are also weight-loss apps that you can install on your smartphones which feature food diaries and calorie counters. These apps can instantly give you the calorie count for the foods you eat and your beverages. Likewise, these apps will also help you track the calories that you burn for your different daily activities. 

Different Types of Calories

All calories are equal in the sense that they give equal amounts of energy. If you note, a gram of carbohydrate will provide you with four calories. Similarly, a gram of protein contains four calories, and each gram of fat gives off nine calories. However, not all calorie sources are “equal.” Some sources are better than others. Some sources offer empty calories. In essence, dieters must seek calories from nutrient-rich foods. Getting calories from apples, bananas, or pears are much better than getting the same amount of calories from candy bars or chips.

The Effects of Physical Activities on Calories

Moving about, lifting, bending, walking, and doing things that require energy will burn calories. If you are aiming to lose weight, cutting down on your calorie intake may not be enough. You need to move around more, push, pull, or lift so that more calories will be burned. Dieters will find gym workout to have a fantastic effect on weight loss goals. Resistance training and strength training will likewise build muscles and increase your metabolism. When this happens, your body will start burning more calories, even when you are at rest.

Easy Ways to Burn Calories

If you are a busy person without much time to go to the gym, you can still burn calories with fun daily activities. There are ordinary activities and small changes that you can do to burn at least 100 calories each day. You don’t need to hit the gym, and it will only take a few minutes to complete. What’s even better, you don’t need to change clothes, and it is easy to insert them in your daily schedule. 


Burniva weight loss supplement

Burniva - The Most Effective Fat Burner

Burniva contains high quality Green Tea extract, Citrus Aurantium and Caffeine Anhydrous which will help you achieve the best result for your weight loss targets.

Use the Stairs

There are staircases at work, home, or the department store. Instead of using the lift, walk up the stairs for ten minutes to burn 100 calories effortlessly. Using the stairs will not only help you burn calories, but it will also strengthen your muscles and give you strong and sexy legs. Likewise, climbing the stairs will help shape the muscles in your lower body.


Even if you are too tired for vigorous activities, you can still burn calories as you tone down and relax. You can stretch and do easy yoga for 30 minutes to burn at least 100 calories. Likewise, stretching will also help your flexibility and increase your joint’s range of motion. More so, it helps lessen stress and improve sleep quality. If you are not sure about stretching exercises, you can check out some free yoga workout online. 

Cleaning Your Office Desk

On days that you cannot go to the gym for a workout because of some office chores, you don’t have to worry. Any office work will burn calories too. An hour of working on your desk also burns calories. If you need more movements, you can stand while you work. Likewise, place your trash can further away from you. You can also take short breaks to stretch and walk around.

Work While Standing Up

When you stand, you burn more calories compared to when you are just sitting down. You are burning ten calories for every 10 minutes that you stand up. You don’t need a fancy standing desk to work while standing. You can encourage your workmates to hold meetings in a standing location instead of using the conference room.

Jump Rope

If you want to lose weight and burn calories fast, you can do it without the need for fancy equipment or grand gym space. You can burn 100 calories in just seven minutes of using the jump rope. Moreover, jump rope will improve your coordination, help build strength and muscles in your lower legs.

If you cannot jump for the seven-minute range, then work your way up. A jump rope is convenient enough to keep in your office or kitchen. It is easy to use it to build stamina and burn extra calories while having fun.

Cleaning the House

Household chores are practical workout exercises. Typical house cleaning and tidying up can burn 100 calories in just 30 minutes. If you need to burn more calories, you can modify some of your tasks too. Change up some of your chores when you are cleaning and mix it up with exercises that will help your body shape up better.


Gardening is also an ordinary activity that can help dieters burn more calories. Every 25 minutes that you spend weeding, planting, watering, or digging, you burn 100 calories. It also gives you the perks of enjoying the outdoors and potentially growing healthy fruits and vegetables.

Understanding how calories work can significantly help you reach your weight loss goals. You must know your caloric needs and your calorie consumption so that you can gradually make changes according to your diet plans. 

Burniva weight loss supplement

Burniva - The Most Effective Fat Burner

Burniva contains high quality Green Tea extract, Citrus Aurantium and Caffeine Anhydrous which will help you achieve the best result for your weight loss targets.

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Recommended Intake

As a dietary supplement, take 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in mid-afternoon with 250ml of water.

Burniva is not a medical product and should not replace a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Not for use by individuals under 18 years of age. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Consult a physician or licensed qualified health care professional before using this product if you have a family history of heart disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression or other psychiatric conditions, glaucoma, difficulty in urinating, prostate enlargement and seizure disorder. Discontinue use or consult a doctor if adverse reactions occur.

Caution This product contains caffeine and should not be used by those willing to eliminate caffeine from their diet. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place away from moisture and direct sunlight.


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