moderate physical activity
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What Is Moderate Activity?

Consulting with a doctor about physical fitness and maintaining a healthy weight might lead to a discussion on suggested food choices as well as moderate

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Lose weight and lose weight with fitness: How often?

How often should we practice fitness to be effective and progress? Does it help you lose weight? How many times a week and how long per session to lose weight and burn fat? The tool below allows you to see over a month, the impact of a 30-minute or 1-hour training program with an interval of 1, 2, 3 or 4 times a week to eliminate your excess pounds!
More information on fitness and weight loss!
While regular physical activity combined with good dietary hygiene helps to refine and tone the body, some disciplines help more than others to lose weight and lose weight. What about fitness and its caloric expenditure? How much time per week to lose weight and have a result of practicing fitness? Below are some elements of answers.

Calories burned while doing fitness!

If your goal is to lose weight, fitness is an effective activity. Above all, it’s a great cardio-training exercise. The energy expenditure for one hour of fitness practice is on average about 350 calories for 30 minutes of practice. This sport can thus be an excellent slimming ally provided that it is practised with rigour. For a convincing result, the regular practice of fitness (ideally between 2 to 3 times a week of 40 minutes per session) must be accompanied by a good diet.

What is the metabolic equivalence of fitness?

The metabolic equivalence of physical activity is a statistical unit (MET Metabolic Equivalent of Task) that expresses the ratio between the energy expenditure of physical activity during effort and the energy expenditure of an individual at rest. For example, high-intensity fitness is a high-intensity activity with a MET value of 9, which means that it burns 9 times as much energy as ATVing or field hockey at rest.

Is it necessary to do cardio exercises?

To lose weight, do I need to do cardio? We believed it and we came back from it! Because weight training seems to be more effective. To lose weight, you have to start by paying attention to what you eat, but since it’s hard to deprive yourself, dieting alone is not enough. We will lose a little weight at the beginning of the deprivation and then no more at all because the body will get used to it. To get the machine going again, you have to introduce fitness exercises. Exercise also allows you to eat your fill without being overloaded with calories. A mix of cardio and strength training will give the best results.

Do not confuse trendy exercises with effective exercises.
Don’t believe everything you’re told and tried to sell you. Shopping carts have never made you lose weight or flatten your stomach. To lose weight you have to move around, no secrets. No matter how much you invest in the most expensive machine, there is no guarantee that you will lose weight. Overweight will only go away if your energy expenditure is higher than your food intake.

Afterwards, if you want to believe in the power of the vibrating platform… it’s up to you. But it’s a proven fact: the benefit of vibration, if there is one, can only be very limited. So remember to accompany all your expensive equipment with a diet and real exercises worthy of the name, if you want it to work!

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