Food Supplements for Losing Belly Fat

If overweight is a priority public health issue, abdominal fat is even more so. Indeed, having a belly is a warning sign of serious metabolic diseases that can lead to a dramatic reduction in health and quality of life. There is indeed localized storage of fat depending on one’s genetics and, contrary to popular belief, one can preferably target this type of fat and lose fat locally. However, there are a few caveats and nuances to consider when you have an abnormal amount of fat stored on the abdominal strap compared to the rest of the body. This article takes stock of the tools available to burn abdominal fat and get rid of your lifeline once and for all!

Mirror, my beautiful mirror

Before embarking on a specific program to lose weight, look in a mirror and ask yourself first, honestly, if you simply have a few centimeters to lose around the abdominal strap or if you are simply overweight, as the two problems are not treated in the same way.
If you have fat stored all over your body, this is a normal distribution of fat. In this case, it is not necessary to target a particular area. You simply need to follow an overall diet plan for weight loss.
The goal of a weight loss program, if you have predominantly storage areas such as the abdominal area, is to :
  • Lose weight and fat all over the body
  • Target the most developed storage area

Why is it so hard to lose your belly?

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A predominant storage area reveals an anomaly: fat should be distributed throughout the body, but the body thinks, because of the hormones that govern it, that this is normal.
For this reason, even when liposuction is used, the removal of fat from a specific area of the body can only be sustainable if one changes one’s lifestyle and diet. Without this, fat is stored again in the area where the fat has been removed, even if the overall weight stabilizes.
Overall, if you force a change in one area of your body without targeting the underlying issues such as hormonal problems and stress, fat will return in force. Body composition remains and will always remain the result of a lifestyle.

How do you lose fat belly?

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When it comes to long term, feasible solutions to reduce belly fat, it is essential to directly address the source of the problem.
So we need to look at the original reason we store belly fat. Is it due to high stress, excessive alcohol consumption, unhealthy habits such as smoking, or does it underlie other health problems such as pre-diabetes?
If you can understand what caused the abdominal fat gain, then this will provide you with valuable insights and tips on how to deal with the problem. On the other hand, in case you don’t necessarily know why you have fat stored specifically on the abdominal area but are determined to get rid of it, some supplementation solutions may be possible.

Dietary supplements to lose weight

Fish oil/omega 3

Omega 3 supplementation is known for its positive impact on the body, particularly due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
Adiponectin is an anti-inflammatory fat hormone (adipokine) that tends to be proportionally less active as visceral fat increases: this leads to a relatively higher level of inflammation, which reduces the state of health.
An increase in adiponectin has been noted in obese rodents that consume a diet high in fat, mimicking a generally unhealthy human diet. This increase has also been confirmed in humans supplemented with fish oil (1110 mg EPA/690 mg DHA).
Due to these mechanisms, fish oil appears to have health-promoting and visceral fat-destroying actions, even when overall weight loss does not occur.
Although not intrinsically a weight loss supplement, Omega 3 appears to selectively reduce visceral fat by reducing inflammation.


CLA is a fatty acid from the omega 6 family that facilitates weight loss by reducing the size of fat cells and reducing the storage of calories in the form of fat. But what makes CLA so interesting is that its users all note a significant reduction in localized belly fat in the first few weeks of use. CLA is believed to activate an enzyme that allows fat to be more easily accessed and mobilized to produce energy that the body can use. For this reason, many brands of dietary supplements present CLA as the miracle formula for belly loss, which is pretty close to the truth.


We all know that dietary fibre is good for your health, but we don’t really know why. Not only is it confirmed that they have a positive impact on cardiovascular health (cholesterol and glycemia), but they also seem to promote the loss of abdominal fat.
In fact, fibre increases satiety by absorbing water, turning it into a stomach-filling gel. They reduce appetite, but also improve digestion and intestinal health, making weight loss diets much more effective.
Thus, the combination of Omega 3, CLA and fibre :
  • Burns visceral fats more efficiently
  • Helps to lose belly
  • Improves body composition and health

What you need to remember to lose your stomach

Losing belly involves parameters associated with fat loss in general: eat healthy foods, sleep well and exercise frequently. And while losing fat takes time and patience, losing visceral fat implies an awareness that your lifestyle is unsuitable and toxic. It is therefore necessary to go back and correct the bad habits that sabotage your well-being and health.
Lifestyle changes are, as always, the cornerstone of lasting change, but the daily addition of dietary fibre, CLA and omega 3 will facilitate this process of burning visceral fat, and finally regaining a flat stomach.
Gilian MacKeith

Gilian MacKeith

Hello, my name is Gilian and I'm the happy mother of a little guy born in 2013.I would like to share with you my journey as a fighter in the loss of weight
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