Green tea or black tea: which is the best tea to lose weight?

The health benefits of tea have been overlooked. It is particularly in the field of slimming that its benefits are most often highlighted, notably thanks to its fat-burning properties due to its catechin content.
In what way is tea effective for losing weight and which variety, between green tea and black tea, is the most active on the line? Green tea seems to be more recommended than its black counterpart to lose weight more effectively.

Green tea or black tea: which is the best tea to lose weight?

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It is very difficult to determine precisely which tea is best from a slimming perspective between black and green. Both are made from the same plant and the only distinction is the treatment they have undergone with their plucking.
It will be possible to find these same slimming and anti-oxidant virtues in the vast majority of tea families. One of the factors that will unquestionably play on the quality of the tea ingested will be its degree of freshness.
From a slimming perspective, it is essential to prefer the use of whole leaves and packed in a hermetically sealed package in order to keep their nutrients intact.
In order to lose weight quickly, black and green teas are remarkable dietary supplements provided that they are not denatured by adding a caloric ingredient such as milk.
There is a wide variety of flavours for the same effect on health and weight loss, here are 4 of them:
  • orange,
  • guarana,
  • lemon,
  • ginger

How to make the right choice between the different teas?

The preference between green tea and black tea is mainly based on the criterion of their concentration in catechins. As such, since green tea is subjected to a special heat treatment after harvesting to prevent these compounds from oxidizing and black tea does not have a higher catechin content than black tea, it will have a higher catechin content than black tea.
If the choice between green and black tea is made, the effectiveness of such a drink will also depend on the frequency with which it is consumed.
It is therefore advisable to drink tea throughout the day to increase its effects on the body.

Tea: A great fat burner

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Essential ingredients making up each type of tea, catechins are molecules that are responsible for the antioxidant and fat-burning nature of this beverage. Whether it is green tea or black tea, drinking them will naturally increase energy expenditure and will automatically burn the different fat reserves.
In addition to this phenomenon of fat oxidation, the catechins contained in tea will also play a major role in the distribution of remaining fats throughout the body and will participate, in fact, in a natural decrease in waist circumference.
Green tea, in particular, is regularly recommended by nutritionists to limit the risk of weight regain after a diet.
If green tea seems more virtuous than black tea to eliminate excess weight, tea remains, whatever its category, a very virtuous drink for the line.
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