Holly Willoughby Weight Loss

Holly Willoughby has long been in front of cameras as a veteran presenter, from Dancing on Ice to This Morning, and is popular due to her grace, beauty, and veteran presenter skills.

Those who love the daily news and lifestyle show This Morning in the UK is familiar with Holly Willoughby, who has been co-presenting the show alongside Philip Schofield since 2009. Audiences love watching Willoughby because of her bubbly personality and charming smile, making her popular with guests on the show as well.

Aside from her work as a presenter on This Morning, she has also been the presenter on other television shows in the past, such as Feel the Fear, Celebrity Wrestling: Bring it On, and The Xtra Factor.

Who is Holly Wiloughby

Born on February 10, 1981, Holly Willoughby was one of two daughters. She was first spotted for television work at the age of 14, when she was recruited by talent scouts for The Clothes Show. She also started a career as a model in magazines and on television.

For more than a decade, Willoughby has been a television personality, and has made her audience fall in love with her charm and sparkling sense of humor. Her first presenter job was as a co-presenter on the entertainment show “Ministry of Mayhem” in 2004, which was where she also met her future husband, Dan Baldwin. Willoughby also has a lifestyle brand called Truly, and she is a brand ambassador for Diet Coke, Garnier, and Marks & Spencer.

Their lifestyle and weight problem

In the recent years, regular audiences of This Morning noticed that Willoughby has been losing weight and toning up her body. Although Willoughby has preferred to be quiet about her weight issues, she has admitted that she has struggled with weight gain and a change in her lifestyle since giving birth to her third son.

It’s common for women who have had multiple children to experience issues with weight gain, a change in lifestyle, and a change in diet during and after their pregnancy. During this time, many women also feel a negative change in their personality and emotions due to hormone changes, and it can have an adverse effect on their diet choices and lifestyle, which can lead to weight gain, depression, and anxiety, among others negative effects.

While Willoughby did not explicitly state that she was going through a difficult time during and following her pregnancy, fans did notice that she made changes in her diet and lifestyle, which reflected on her appearance on her show.

How They Loss Weight

Willoughby remains quite silent about her weight loss journey, although sources close to her report that she had changed key parts of her diet and lifestyle in order to feel healthier and to lose weight. Here is what she has done:

1.      She switched to a healthier diet

According to an insider on the set of This Morning, Willoughby has been spotted tucking into healthier, low-calorie food choices such as chicken, hummus, and carrots. In between breaks, she would take small snacks so that she doesn’t feel hungry and get cravings for sweets and carbohydrates. What’s more, she has also switched from eating sugary desserts to healthier, more natural treats such as fruits – mangoes, in particular.

2.      She has increased her physical activity

Willoughby has also taken the initiative to increase her physical activity, and was reported burning around 600 calories a day. She hired Lynne Robinson, a physical fitness expert and owner of Body Control Pilates, to help her with her exercise regimen. In the past, Willoughby was already doing Pilates to tone and strengthen her core, but since giving birth, she has also added postnatal mat work classes to her regimen, which also helps trim the waistline and burn fat safely for new mothers. There are even reports that Willoughby is now taking kickboxing classes, and has installed a kickboxing room in her home!

How Burniva Can Help Weight Loss

While Willoughby has triumphed in her weight loss journey, not everyone can find it possible to make the same changes in their lifestyle and diet. First, a change in diet towards more lean meat, fruits, and vegetables is expensive, and many people cannot easily afford this kind of diet. Second, it’s also expensive to hire a personal exercise coach, and it’s not an option that’s available to many people.

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