Slimming Pills

Slimming pills are a very well-known product in the health supplements market.  From prescription diet pills to the OTC options, many overweight individuals search to find a magic pill that will help them lose weight successfully. The producers of these pills make over the top claims about the ingredients of their products, but most of these are not supported by scientific research. These stimulants that assure to help you get rid of unwanted fats may have unseen risks to your health.

Despite the risks associated with slimming tablets, the interest and sale for these continue to grow, especially among people who have problems managing their weight.

What Are Slimming Pills?

Slimming supplements contribute to the nutrients of your usual diet. Not all products are for losing weight, a pill may add an essential dietary replacement for individuals who are lacking a specific ingredient in their meals. A diet supplement may contain the following:

  • Amino acids
  • Vitamins
  • Enzymes
  • Minerals
  • Glandular extracts
  • Botanical herbs/products
  • Organ products

People take weight loss supplements and products for various reasons such as to gain back lost nutrients, boost energy, improve sleep, create muscle tissue and help with physical functions like vision, lose or gain weight.

How Are Slimming Pills Abused?

When someone has an eating disorder or is looking for a weight management program, he may not be concerned about the dangers of slimming pills. The person may be so focused on losing weight that they don’t mind the dangers to their health or unpleasant side effects.

In a fanatical drive to shed pounds, an individual with bulimia or anorexia will abuse diet or slimming products in the following ways:

  • Taking prescription slimming capsule without a doctor’s supervision
  • Taking diet products that aren’t endorsed for consumers who are underweight or at a normal weight
  • Taking more than the recommended dosage of weight loss supplement
  • Mixing slimming pills with diuretics or laxatives
  • Taking multiple weight loss stimulants
  • Taking weight loss product with illegal drugs like cocaine or meth

Consuming an extreme amount of slimming supplements or mixing products can be very dangerous. Overdose of drug products could place a consumer at risk of heart attack or stroke because it could raise the blood pressure to a critically high level.

Taking fat-blocking pills along with diuretics or laxatives could cause fluid loss, diarrhea and electrolyte imbalance. Abusing drugs that hold a risk for kidney damage or liver only increases the likelihood of serious organ failure or long term side effects.

How Do Slimming Supplements Work?

Manufacturers often claim that the ingredients in their products can help you get the desired result like these:

  • Faster metabolism (B-complex vitamins, guarana, caffeine, synephrine,)
  • Curb your hunger for food (fennel, bee pollen, chickweed)
  • Make you always full before you have had anything to eat (psyllium, guar gum)
  • Prevent your body from consuming the fat in the foods you eat (chondritin)
  • Decreases the fat production of your body (flax seed, hydrocitric, green tea)

Slimming supplements are readily available in an oral form. There are pills, capsules, teas, and powders. Some are consumed with a food, while others are as a substitute for your meal. OTC diet supplements believably help you get rid of excess pounds by stimulating your digestion and converting food to energy.

Why Are Some Slimming Pills Dangerous?

Many weight loss and diet pills are nontoxic, and some are truly efficient at boosting the metabolism, burning fat and creating a sense of satiety. But some of the popular main ingredients in dietary products have been banned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because of the dangerous side effects such as:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Rectal bleeding
  • High pressure of the blood
  • Increased heart rate
  • Kidney problems
  • Agitation
  • Liver damage
  • Diarrhea

Slimming pills like Burniva help you lose weight in many ways without the dangerous side effects. This is because the ingredients are safe, all-natural, and regularly taken in people’s day today routines. It is the unique synergy and formulation of Burniva that makes it a powerful and really effective aid in losing weight – without any of the harmful side effects.

With Burniva, you won’t experience palpitations, cold sweats, or blood pressure spikes. We also don’t agree that you have to starve yourself to lose weight. We promote a healthy and nutritious diet coupled with regular exercise, we’re just helping you get there by providing you with more energy, less cravings, and more fat burning power.

Before buying slimming pills, teas, or fat burners, take time to read the labels. Look for natural ingredients and science-backed formulas. Don’t go for quick-fixes and instant solutions. Instead, make lifestyle changes you can stick to so you won’t only lose weight, you’ll also be fit and truly healthy.

Last Updated On June 10, 2019