Recommended Intake
1. Burn Fat

As discussed in the Ingredients & Research Section, each one of the Burniva ingredients has been shown to have fat burning properties which will help you burn off ‘stubborn fat’! ‘Stubborn fat’ is usually found around the butt, hips and thighs in women, and around the torso in men. If you have been dieting or exercising you would know what stubborn fat is - it’s stubborn in the sense that this fat persists and requires more work to be broken down and burned off. Burniva’s ingredients were specifically chosen for their ability to tap into these stubborn fat deposits, to accelerate fat break down (lipolysis) and turn it into energy (fat oxidation). Stubborn no more!

Combine Burniva With A Healthy Diet Plan
2. Feel Energised & Improve Workout Performance

Burniva’s ingredients also have an energy boosting effect, making it an effective pre-workout supplement! For those of us that spend most of our days office-bound, it can be hard to support an active lifestyle and fit in an exercise session especially after a day of work. This is where Burniva Supplements come in useful, as it gives you that much needed energy boost to make the most of your day. This occurs mainly due to Burniva’s ability to combat tiredness and fatigue which will not only give you that extra push to drag yourself to the gym, but will also maximize your workout efforts by helping you workout for longer and more intensively. This will in turn help you burn more calories, tone up in less time and eventually reach your weight loss goals faster. Time to stop making excuses and hit the gym regularly!

Combine Burniva With A Healthy Diet Plan
3. Increase Metabolism

A metabolism increase works wonders whilst dieting or trying to lose weight. When we reduce food intake, very often our metabolism decreases as well. This is especially true for those that severely restrict their calorie intake and skip important meals during the day. Luckily, all three Burniva ingredients have been shown to have thermogenic properties and to speed up metabolism! This is not to say that whilst on Burniva supplements, one can crash diet! It is very important to eat small meals regularly during the day to prevent this dip in metabolism. The metabolism boost brought about by the Burniva Formula will then enable you to burn even more calories and enhance weight loss. Just that extra push you needed!

Combine Burniva With A Healthy Diet Plan
4. Suppress Appetite

Appetite suppression is another potential benefit of Burniva Supplements. Several studies have shown a link between the individual Burniva Ingredients and decreases in food intake as discussed in the Ingredients & Research Section. We all suffer from cravings from time to time and sometimes it is entirely out of our control, induced by certain hormonal imbalances in our body. On a positive note, Burniva will help minimize such cravings and keep track of your healthy diet goals! Bye bye pesky cravings!

Combine Burniva With A Healthy Diet Plan
5. Stay Focused

Another Burniva benefit is its effect on alertness. Dieting, especially when cutting out carbohydrates can make you feel tired, lethargic or dazed. Given its ability to combat mental tiredness and fatigue, Burniva will help you keep focused and perform at your best throughout those busy days when you are feeling lethargic or simply mentally challenged! Like this you exercise both body & mind!