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Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics.  Google Analytics uses cookies to collect information about website visitors.  This helps us understand how visitors engage with our website, which will eventually help us improve it.   However this information is not personally identifiable information.   Please read more about “How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps” here

Remarketing and Interest Based Marketing

This website is also using the Google Analytics Advertising Feature.  This feature allows us to use cookies to reach previous visitors to our website.

Rest assured that these cookies do not collect any personal information about our website visitors either.  The privacy of the customer is being respected.  All a cookie does is register a website visitor as someone who previously visited the website and performed an action. Actions could refer to purchasing product, visiting a particular page, subscribing, adding product to cart and the like. For more information about cookies please read the following  These cookies will enable us to advertise offers or promotions to people that already showed interest in our website. This can be specific, for example an offer is advertised to people who previously purchased our product, or people who viewed a specific product page. This form of advertising takes place whilst these previous website visitors are browsing on the web.  Such adverts can be display, or text ads, shown not only on the Google search results but also on third party websites.

Cross Device Advertising

If someone reaches our website using one device, for example his/her mobile, it is also possible to reach this same someone with a relevant advert or offer, whilst they are using a different device, such as a tablet or home computer.  This is possible if users have enabled the association of web and app browsing history with their Google account and allowed Google to personalize ads in relation to this information.

Opt Out Options

If users would like to opt out of Google’s use of cookies, they are kindly requested to visit the following page for more information.  Google users can also control their personal settings related to ads here

Website visitors can also opt-out using the following browser add-on  Another available option to opt out is the following

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