Should I take fat burners? 5 truths about grease burners

Fat burners, or “fat burners”, are dietary supplements which, as their name suggests, are designed to burn fat.


They are among the most sought-after references on sports nutrition sites, especially as summer approaches. But are fat burners effective? Under what condition? What precautions should be taken?


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Fat burners are very effective dietary supplements for oxidizing stored fat and losing weight. However, don’t imagine that a capsule will magically melt your fat. Many people push the door of sports nutrition shops or surf the internet hoping to find a product that will make them lose weight for the holidays…which arrive two weeks later. No, fat burners are not miracle products.
To be fully effective, they must be accompanied by a healthy, low-calorie diet, or at least a dietary program that is carefully constructed and followed.
Of course, a fat burner, especially a thermogenic one, will help you to discipline yourself by reducing your appetite (at the beginning of the day only), but if you want to lose weight and not put it back on, start by setting up a diet adapted to your objective and your personal constraints (schedule in particular).


There are two main categories of fat burners: lipotropic and thermogenic.
Lipotropes (CLA, carnitine, inositol, raspberry ketones, etc.), activate fat burning by mobilizing fatty acids which are then used as a priority energy source by cells and muscle fibers. To be effective, they must be consumed in parallel with a diet low in carbohydrates. They are generally consumed before a training session.
Therefore, consume a meal that contains protein and fatty acids (olive oil, almond butter or almonds) within two hours before training, and only consume carbohydrates after your training session. They will help you improve your recovery without disturbing fat burning.
Thermogenics, on the other hand, stimulate the central nervous system and slightly raise body temperature.
Thus, a thermogenic burner activates the metabolism and forces the body to burn calories, even at rest.
Thermogenic burners necessarily contain one or more stimulants, mostly caffeine.
In addition to activating metabolism and fat burning, caffeine provides a welcome boost (especially on training days) and reduces appetite as long as it is present in the blood. As a rule, caffeine is active within minutes of absorption, but its peak concentration in the bloodstream is reached two hours later.
After that, it can take effect for up to 6 hours. For this reason, it is best to consume your thermogenic fat burner at the beginning of the day.
You can combine a lipotrope and a thermogenic, two lipotropes, but especially not two thermogenic products. And if you hesitate between a lipotrope and a thermogenic, keep in mind that both will be equally effective on fat burning, but that a thermogenic will also have an energizing and appetite suppressant effect that a lipotrope will not give you.
Beware, if you have a history of cardiovascular pathologies or if you have the slightest doubt, go for a lipotrope.



The caffeine present in thermogenic fat burners has an energizing and euphoric effect that disappears after a few days.
In fact, our receptors become saturated fairly quickly and it is tempting to increase the dosage to continue to feel the effects of caffeine.
This is to be avoided at all costs because even if you don’t feel as awake as you did on the first day of use, the fat burner remains just as effective and your heart continues to be stimulated by the caffeine.
By increasing the doses, you will not lose weight faster. You may, however, suffer from discomfort, nervousness, insomnia and, for the less fortunate, heart problems.
Limit yourself to 200mg of caffeine per day from all sources (coffee, fat burners and energy drinks).


Do not take your fat burner continuously!
If you have chosen a thermogenic burner, take a break regularly. As mentioned above, our caffeine receptors become saturated fairly quickly. So, to continue burning fat and also feel the energizing effects of caffeine, don’t hesitate to take breaks. For example, take your fat burner from Monday to Friday and don’t take it on Saturdays and Sundays.
Resume on the following Monday, and enjoy the effects of your burner.
Don’t be afraid to put on weight again or interrupt the fat burning process, because the product remains effective even on break days. By doing so, you can use your burner for up to 8 consecutive weeks.
After these 8 weeks, stop thermogenic use for at least 4 weeks.


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Exercise to lose weight.
While a fat burner will not work miracles if you do not follow a specific dietary program, neither will the results be miraculous if you don’t move a minimum amount.
Indeed, burners are much more effective when accompanied by sports activity: they support the effort by reducing fatigue, and sport optimises the effectiveness of the product.
By practicing a sport in conjunction with your diet and your fat burner, you are sure to lose weight, burn fat, and keep fit for a long time.
Of course, you will still burn fat with your burner even without doing sport. But be aware that the number of calories burned will be much higher if you do weight training and/or cardio training at the same time.
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