Slimming can sometimes be incredibly difficult. For this reason, people often turn to all kinds of dietary supplements to speed things up. However, although dietary supplements are considered safe in most cases, some pills have the potential. Therefore, great care should be taken in choosing which food supplements to use for weight loss. Find out here which are the best natural food supplements to lose weight.


Please note that this category takes a detailed look at the best recognised natural “fat burners”. It, therefore, specifies how they work, their other health benefits, the recommended dosages and the probable side effects to be aware of. The support of health professionals (doctor, nutritionist…) remains essential for a healthy and long-lasting weight loss. In addition, food supplements alone are not enough to initiate weight loss. They must always be accompanied by a balanced diet and regular physical activity.


Although it seems obvious that these food supplements are a great help to facilitate weight loss, there is no pill or magic formula to stay slim. So if you’re looking for effective and lasting weight loss, make sure you incorporate them into a healthy diet with regular physical activity.


Don’t forget that a medical follow-up is essential for healthy and lasting weight loss. In any case, a healthy weight loss should be no more than 500 grams per week. Take your time: your efforts will pay off!


The market for dietary supplements continues to grow. The formulas are multiplying and are more and more attractive: fat burner, flat stomach, detox, etc.. While these products can be beneficial under certain conditions, we must remain cautious. Discover the different types of supplements and our advice for choosing the right slimming food supplement.


What is a slimming food supplement?

A dietary supplement is a foodstuff concentrated in nutrients and whose purpose is to supplement the nutritional intake of the diet. A dietary supplement has a nutritional, or physiological, beneficial effect on the body. It can be in the form of capsules, tablets, powder or ampoules.

A dietary supplement can be composed of :

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Plants
  • Probiotics
  • Essential oils
  • Other active substances

On the market, there is a multitude of food supplements on the market for a variety of purposes. In particular, and in recent years, there has been an unprecedented development of ranges of slimming food supplements: fat burner, appetite suppressant, flat stomach food supplement, etc..

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