The other alternative to fat burners without stimulants

Sensitivity to caffeine or other nervous system stimulants prevents you from benefiting from the effects of fat burns? You may not have to give it up completely, as there are a few alternatives to study or even try.
Everyone wants to lose fat at some point, we all face this problem at least once. And the sooner the better. So we are looking for solutions to get rid of this unwanted fat before it sets in. First of all, we rely on the diet associated with exercise. After a few weeks of this program, it sometimes feels like the needle on the scale refuses to move. This is where a good fat-burning dietary supplement comes in, this accelerator can only make the results more visible. But not so simple, when you can’t tolerate caffeine or any other stimulant.

How do you know if you’re hypersensitive to caffeine?

effects of caffeine on the body

If your sensitivity is proven, avoid all stimulants. If you are in doubt, the first thing to do is to test a lower dose and gradually increase it until you reach your maximum tolerance level. Some people quickly feel uncomfortable: nausea, palpitations, anxiety, panic attacks, even with a simple cup of coffee.
As these stimulant compounds increase levels of catecholamines, chemicals released by the nervous system that trigger the production of hormones, (adrenalin norepinephrine or dopamine), this can cause an accelerated heart rate, increased blood pressure and blood sugar levels. These increase alertness and fat burning potential. Some people find it difficult to break down catecholamines effectively, hence the unpleasant effects felt.
In this case, it is very difficult to find an efficient burner that will hold up. Have you ever tried a fat burner without a stimulant among those that follow?

Carnitine is the best option

Carnitine is one of the most popular non-stimulant fat burners. This amino acid is found naturally in dairy products and beef, although the amount of food to be ingested to expect fat loss is several kilos per day.
L-carnitine allows the fatty acids to be transported to the mitochondria, the heart of the cells, where they are burned more efficiently. As fats enter the cell more easily, they are used there as fuel. Carnitine also promotes the metabolism of free fatty acids, which once “broken down” enter the mitochondria and provide energy. Carnitine may also promote gains in lean muscle mass, helping the production of new androgen receptors, especially with regular training. More androgen receptors means more testosterone with the known effects on muscle.
The CLA destocke
CLA or conjugated linoleic acid is a fatty acid of the omega-6 family, which is found in foods but in insufficient quantities. The effect of CLA on body composition has been proven in studies by numerous mechanisms of action. CLA has the ability to moderate the appetite, promote the priority use of fats as fuel and prevent the storage of new fats.

Choline degreases

Choline is one of the nootropics. These have an action on the brain and nervous system but also on physical performance. Cholinergics stimulate the production of acetylcholine, a substance that allows neurons to communicate better with each other. In terms of performance, this translates into greater explosiveness, speed, agility … But choline also has a lipotropic action, stimulating the oxidation of fat by the liver. Choline is often associated with carnitine, choline promotes the evacuation of fat, in other words the elimination of fatty acid molecules through the urinary tract.

Ketones continue to burn

The ketogenic diet is one of the best known diets for weight loss. In a low carbohydrate diet, the body has to use fat for energy, which generates waste products in the form of ketones in the process. When deprived of carbohydrates, one loses weight, although it is not possible to stay in this state over the long term without the risk of breaking down muscle amino acids. Eating raspberry ketones makes it a little easier for you to cope with the carbohydrate restriction. The presence of ketones signals to the body that the ketosis state has been reached and allows a continuous fat burning before entering a severe carbohydrate restriction.

Fruit acids control the appetite

fruit acids

Hydroxycitric acid from garcinia cambogia is believed to stimulate the secretion of serotonin, which is involved in appetite control. By improving the metabolism of carbohydrates, it would prevent storage by releasing fat molecules trapped in the cells. Its role on carbohydrate metabolism has been confirmed by the inhibition of certain hormones, which would therefore be unable to store fat from sugars in the diet. Combined with chromium and ginseng, it controls carbohydrate metabolism and supports energy for weight loss.

Formulas for removing excess water

How to Lose Excess Water Weight – Yoga Trainer and Classes in Jaipur – FITPASS #011 4606 1468

By acting exclusively on the renal elimination of water, these formulas can help reduce weight and limit storage. In women, particularly fat deposits are composed mostly of water. An excess of water encourages the storage of fatty acids and makes the figure heavier. For example, uva ursi and buchu are recognized diuretics, dandelion reduces water retention without potassium leakage, rockweed is an appetite suppressant, anti-fat and anti-storage algae.
With these 7 burners without stimulants, you have enough to boost your fat loss without being uncomfortable if you are hypersensitive to caffeine. Otherwise, you can also boost your energy by consuming fibre (oat bran, vegetables, wholegrain cereals…), vitamins and omega-3 (vegetables, fruit, seeds, oils), lean proteins (chicken or turkey breast, fish, eggs, cottage cheese), or use spices (cinnamon, ginger, curry).
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