How to speed up your metabolism? 7 tips so simple you won’t believe it!

Some people can eat more than others without gaining weight, a matter of metabolism. That’s not fair. Yes, it’s unfair, but it’s not irredeemable. Because even if your basic metabolism doesn’t break any bricks, you can do something about it. How do you increase your basal metabolic rate? Seven tips so simple you’ll never believe it…

We all want to know the secret to lose weight, quickly, easily and sustainably if possible! Paying attention to what you eat works, but… sometimes it’s a sacrifice. So, we thought of a few extra tips and tricks to lose weight faster and effortlessly: a simple metabolism story.
At rest, the body expends calories to maintain vital functions such as breathing or body temperature. This basic metabolism represents about 1300 calories per day. But did you know that this number can be increased? Here are some tips to speed up your metabolism: by naturally expending more calories at rest, your body can refine itself more quickly. Speeding up your metabolism is possible, yes!
But how can you increase your basal metabolic rate? It’s quite simple: choice of food, balanced diet, sport… Here are a few ideas to boost your calorie expenditure effortlessly (or almost effortlessly) and say bye to the kilos you want to see take off. It’s time to boost your metabolism!

1. Using miracle foods to boost your metabolism

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Coconut oil

Coconut oil would stimulate the metabolism to burn three times as many calories for six hours after the last meal, and coconut oil has other specific health benefits. Coconut oil also has other specific health benefits, such as improving thyroid function.
Our favourite is foodspring’s organic coconut oil. With no artificial additives, you can use it both in the kitchen and as a beauty treatment.
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Oily fish

Fatty fish would also help speed up the metabolism. In fact, it seems that your body does not store the fat from these fish but only retains the fat you need. So, next time you salivate while grilling the appetizing salmon, don’t hesitate!

The seeds

Sesame, flax or sunflower seeds … the seeds act as a good substitute for chocolate or cookies. In addition, some studies tend to show that pumpkin seeds lead to better sleep and improved metabolism.

Tea and coffee

If you take them without sugar or milk, tea and coffee will not provide you with any calories. But that’s not all: the caffeine in these drinks speeds up the metabolism.

2. Eating more protein = increasing your basal metabolic rate = losing weight

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As you know, you shouldn’t banish protein from your diet, especially if you’re watching your figure. The extra supply of quality protein can help you fight a slow metabolism by maintaining your muscle mass. That’s why, by slightly increasing the amount of protein in your diet, your body will be able to lose weight faster. Eat quality protein!
The right proteins to speed up your metabolism? Those with high levels of amino acids and not too much fat. For example, choose lean meat and fish (without sauce). And don’t forget eggs: in addition to being a source of protein, eggs are very easy to include in a diet to lose weight… Practical, as long as you don’t add mayonnaise!
Decreasing sugars increases metabolism
Studies show that carbohydrates (i.e. sugars) promote a slower metabolism and therefore contribute to weight gain. A reduction in their intake would therefore allow you to slightly accelerate your metabolism. A balance to preserve.
Warning: it is important to find a balance between the different types of food in your diet. It is not a question of eliminating carbohydrates but just saying “goodbye” to the huge plasters of pasta, bread and potatoes in your diet.

Controlling the quantities ultimately speeds up the metabolism

Balance is the key to losing weight. By providing your body with the fuel it “exactly” needs, you help it find its cruising metabolism. Although there are diets that do not restrict quantities, avoid choosing a diet that forces you to gorge yourself on one type of food for 1 week .
To re-establish your metabolism, it is suggested that you dose with your palm. You can use the palm of your hand to measure the food. In this case, the amount of protein in your meal should fit in the palm, while the amount of carbohydrates should represent the volume of your fist on your plate. This way, you don’t clutter your body with portions that are too large for your waist.
How to increase your basal metabolic rate through sport
You can increase your basic metabolism without sport but it is still more effective with a healthy diet…. It’s an effective and healthy way to speed up your metabolism. Because the more you move, the more muscle you get. Muscle is made up of denser tissue and burns more calories than fat… And be aware that sport not only helps you to accelerate your metabolism, it will also melt away your cellulite and guarantee you a toned figure.

An idea for a program?

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If you can, do 30 to 45 minutes of sport three times a week.
During these sessions, do split sessions, alternating intense efforts with “softer” moments. An idea to help you: if you run, make a list of fast, catchy songs to help you pick up the pace.

Eat more often

It’s a reflex of the body: the less fuel we give it, the more it saves. Also, the less often you eat, the slower your metabolism slows down. Yes, the body is smart and genetically programmed to conserve energy. Because when you deprive it of energy, it panics and goes into “storage” mode. 4 to 5 meals a day.
The solution? Plan to eat more frequently in small quantities to boost your metabolism. For example, divide up your diet as follows: breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. You can even add a snack in the morning if your breakfast and lunch are light enough. Nothing new… but it gets better when you say it!

Sleep well to boost your metabolism

Sleep regulates many things in our body, including our hormone secretions and appetite, but also our metabolism. When we sleep poorly or too little, our body puts itself under stress and therefore goes into “economy” mode.
The ideal nights to increase your metabolism:
To remedy this, plan on 7 to 8 hour nights: this way, your body will be able to regenerate itself properly, which will stimulate your metabolism. So go to bed early!
Gilian MacKeith

Gilian MacKeith

Hello, my name is Gilian and I'm the happy mother of a little guy born in 2013.I would like to share with you my journey as a fighter in the loss of weight
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