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Tom Kerridge Weight Loss

Tom Kerridge Weight Loss

A best-selling author and a judge on some of UK’s most popular cooking shows. Tom Kerridge is taking the food world by storm!

If you are a fan of British cooking shows such as Masterchef and the Great British Menu, then you would be familiar with Tom Kerridge. Kerridge is a regular judge on these shows, and he is known for his jovial personality and his creative approach to French-British fusion cuisine. Today, he is both a celebrity chef and the owner of several award-winning pubs around London, such as The Hand & Flowers (which won its first Michelin star in 2005, and its second in 2012), and The Coach (which has also won its own Michelin star). He also own London’s very first “butcher and pub under one roof”: The Butcher’s Tap. Kerridge is also a restaurant owner, opening his restaurant at the Corinthia Hotel London in 2018.

Who is Tom Kerridge?

Kerridge was born on July 27, 1973 in Salisbury. As a child, he would often cook for himself and his younger brother, which sparked his love for cooking into adulthood. Although he did try a short career as a television personality, he decided to pursue a professional career as a chef after reading Marco White’s White Heat cookbook. According to Kerridge, this cookbook was what inspired him to attend a catering college in Cheltenham.

In 1991, Kerridge got his first job as a commis chef at Tetbury’s Calcot Manor, and from there, eventually got a job in 1999, as a sous chef working under the celebrated British chef Gary Rhodes. By 2001, Kerridge was able to become the head chef at the Bellamys Dining Room, and was able to become the head chef at other popular restaurants, such as at Great Fosters, Monsieur Max, and Adlards.

Aside from being a restauranteur, Kerridge is a well-known personality when it comes to British culinary shows. He has been a guest judge on shows such as the Great British Menu, Saturday Kitchen, and BBC’s Food and Drink.

Their Lifestyle and Weight Problem

As a celebrity chef and a restauranteur, Kerridge is known for his witty remarks and great judging skills, but he was also known for something a bit more negative: his unhealthy weight, drinking liquor, and his love for sugary treats. During his younger years, Kerridge would overindulge in junk food and liquor, and even when he became a celebrity chef, his physical figure and weight was something that fans would notice.

It’s not hard to understand how and why Kerridge struggled with weight gain. As a child, his mother would often have to work, leaving Kerridge to cook meals for himself and his siblings. It’s not easy to cook healthy meals as a child. When he grew into adulthood, the demanding career of being a chef would mean that Kerridge would constantly be working in a kitchen from early morning until late at night (sometime even until the early morning hours), and thus he would need to eat junk food or take away food to be able to cope with his schedule. What’s more, liquor was often a part of his lifestyle during those times.

How They Lost Weight?

When Kerridge turned 40, he ultimately decided to change his lifestyle, both for his family and to be able to continue his passion in the kitchen. He was able to drop a massive 30 stones, stunning his fans with his amazing figure! Here’s how he did it:

1.     He stuck with the “dopamine” diet

The diet that Kerridge chose to follow is called the “dopamine” diet, which is a lesser-known diet. Dopamine, which is known as the “happy hormone”, is a chemical that is released in the brain when people experience pleasure. This hormone is also produced when one eats foods that are rich in tyrosine, such as eggs, oily fish, and dairy products. This is the cornerstone of the dopamine diet: creating a diet plan that is rich in dopamine-creating food, while eating less than 90 grams of carbohydrates per day. Kerridge has stuck to this diet because it is not as restrictive as other diets, and it allows him to still create and eat foods that are rich in dairy and fish.

2.     He started with appropriate exercise

Since Kerridge was a pretty heavy guy, he found it difficult to exercise regularly. He could not do high-intensity workouts, and he could not put much strain on his joints. Thus, he choose swimming as his exercise regimen. In the beginning, he would only swim one mile, and he would swim slowly, but he did not give up. Eventually, he was able to swim further, and even included some light walking in his exercise plan.

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