Weight Loss Is A Matter Of Lifestyle

Every single person’s weight loss journey is different, and every person’s reasons for being overweight are different too. Too often we compare ourselves to friends with the same goals, and worse still to celebrities and social media influencers that have a team to support them. What it’s important to realize is, that your weight loss success is your own personal journey and it depends on just a handful of things. How much you eat and drink is important, giving your body, the right nutrients is important, and exercising is important. But the key to long term weight loss and good health is a positive mindset.

Lifestyle choices are what will help you to lose weight and keep it off. Supplements will compliment your hard work and help you to improve your results. Burniva is a fantastic friend to anyone beginning or continuing their weight loss journey, but it isn’t a miracle pill. Much like putting new tyres on a bicycle will help it to go smoother and faster; the bike will only go as fast as the rider is willing to pedal. Burniva also needs a little push in order to make it work most effectively, and here are some ways you can help Burniva to help you with your weight loss.

Set realistic goals

You may well be panicking to lose weight for a special occasion or holiday, and want to shed pounds as fast as possible. But that isn’t a healthy or realistic way to slim down and the maintain a healthy weight. Losing 7lbs in 2 weeks is entirely possible, but it’s also very possible to put on 4lbs in a week if you slip back into old habits because you can’t maintain your diet. Aim to lose 1-2lbs a week by making better meal choices and increasing your levels of exercise gradually. This will be much easier to sustain in the longer term and is better for your motivation too. Some weeks you will lose more than others, and having a lower realistic target will help you to feel really proud about the good weeks.

Fuel your body, don’t feed your appetite

In order to stay healthy your body needs a range of nutrients in balance. If you’re exercising, you’ll need to eat more protein. Doing so will help Burniva to do its job better. Don’t counteract the effects of Burniva by loading up on calorific snacks and drinks or fat laden meals. You can’t expect to guzzle pints of beer, and gorge on chocolate, cake and burgers and still hit your weight loss goals.

Try to plan your meals in advance to resist temptation to grab-and-go; and carry healthy snacks with you when you’re going to be out of the house for a while. Consider lower fat options instead, if you do cave in to your sweet tooth. Be sure to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated; this will help you maintain a positive mindset and find the get-up-and-go that you need to motivate yourself to make better food choices.

Be aware of other factors and measure everything you do

Before dismissing the effectiveness of your new regime, think about all the factors that will contribute to your success and take these into account when assessing how positive your week has been. For example, if you have experienced a significant life event, it’s fair to say that the stress or excitement of this would have affected your appetite, your sleep and your ability to exercise. If you have attended a lot of social events, you’ve probably overindulged. So, make a note of this and if you’ve managed to maintain your weight or even lost some weight during these challenging times, you know that you’re doing a great job!  But don’t forget, it’s ok to put a little back on over a week every now and again, as long as your weight is moving in the right direction in the longer term.   Some weight fluctuations are normal – don’t be too hard on yourself!